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Manufacturers of tubing, cable television, and wire. Specializing in custom wire and cables to meet any need.  From military wires to heat shrink tubing to steel wires such as low carbon steel wires, high carbon steel wires, stainless steel wires, shaped wires, cable armoring wires, black galvanized wires, cold heading wires, free cutting wires, electrode wires and much more.

Wires are the necessity in almost everything humans do in some capacity – the Wires Guru proudly provides “Jaguar Industries” tubing, cable television, and wire. Our west coast alliance enables the very best possible prices because of our east coastline and west coastline geographical efficiency with ports and raw makers.


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WIRES Guru – Voice of the Electric Transmission Industry

Wires Guru is a supplier of wires, cable televisions, heat shrink tubing, in addition to PTFE and PVC sleeving. In addition to supplying OEM accounts, we likewise furnish smaller sized suppliers with off-the-shelf shipment of hard and basic to discover products from a 100,000 square foot warehousing property.

Wires Guru and Jaguar is large enough to stock hundreds of wires, cables, and tubing products (consisting of numerous unusual, difficult to find “specials”), yet little enough to provide personal service.

We happily lead the market in electrical wiring, cable and tubing options for industrial and military consumers. Our experts are dedicated to your contentment and can answer any problems or queries you might have about wires and cables. , if you are looking for a particular size or spec please keep in mind that we can also accommodate custom wire and cable television orders both small and large. Whether you require custom wire cables, coax cables or high temperature electrical wires and versatile wire we can provide them for you.

We have a comprehensive stock of electrical wires and cable televisions to serve industrial, industrial, and military customers. This includes a selection of high temperature level wire for electrical use and coax cables for televisions and computers. At Jaguar Industries, we are dedicated to your contentment and can supply value-added services such as customized cutting and stripping.

Please call us for prices and accessibility 1 (800) 443 6528, and browse our site for a detailed option of our item providing consisting of heat wire insulation, military specification wires, and heat shrink tubing. Let us know and opportunities are we will be able to custom-made manufacture it for you if we don’t have what you’re looking for. We are understood for our custom wire and cable television options. We look forward to serving you– thank you for selecting Wires Guru.


Guru wires happily provides “Jaguar Industries” cable television, wire, and tubing.  Wires Guru and Jaguar is big enough to stock thousands of wires, cable televisions, and tubing items (consisting of many unusual, tough to discover “specials”), yet little enough to offer individual service.

Whether you need customized wire cable televisions, coaxial cables or high temperature electrical wires and versatile wire we can provide them for you.


PTFE is a flagship product which is also trademarked as Teflon by DuPont so legally we can’t advertise Teflon but if your looking for a wire that acts the same way, PTFE, which is Polytetrafluoroethylene is probably the way to go.



Jaguar Wire Cable Tubing

Customers & Industries

  1. Electronic Manufacturing
  2. Military Wire
  3. Aerospace Wire & Cable
  4. Mil Spec

Brand Name Products we carry

Carol – Dearborn –Belden – Manhattan – Alpha

Wires Guru is a Alpha Distributor, 3M Distributor, Harbour Industries Distributor, and Thermax Distributorwires-guru